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There Is Always A Hope Of Light In Life
Primary school
Students with learning difficulties
The story of Mikail starts at a primary school in Sakarya four years ago.The story of Mikail is an example of success story;because he comes to the point where he leaves school because of his learning difficulty problem.Mikail comes from a family who is not strong in terms of social – economic situation.His father is a worker and his mother is a housewife .He doesn’t come from an educated family.İncome of his family is highly low.All these factors affect the attitude of Mikail’s family towards him.His family doesn’t accept the situation of Mikail for a long time and so doesn’t need to consuit an expert about his situation.According to them , failure and attitudes of Mikail at school depends on his laziness and stubborness.As a solution ,they adopt to do whatever Mikail wants.As Mikail is accustomed to get whatever he wants ,he expects to come up the some thing at scholl.But the things doesn’t go in that way As a result, he start to feed negative feelings towards school and teacher His teacher at previous school accepts Mikail’s learning difficulty as his laziness and scolds and insults him in front of his friends.As Mikail doesn’t get education appropriate for his situation,he gets highly low marks from exams and this damages the confidence of Mikail in a negative way.Mikail can’t understand the lesson and as a result he starts to get interested in other things, talks to his friends.This attitude of Mikail makes his teacher get angry with him and the teacher starts to beat Mikail in class.So Mikail becomes a shy boy and starts to escape from school and this behaviorus turns into a habit for Mikail .Whenever his teacher makes a pressure on him, he escapes from school.And this behaviour causes Mikail to move away from school.Disinterest of Mikail’s family in this situation makes the event much worse and at the end Mikail doesn’t go to school for months.In spite of the efforts of school principals Mikail never turns back to that school again and changes his school.But change of school can’t change the negative image of school and teacher in Mikail’s mind .In the beginning Mikail comes to his new school;but with the increase of intensity of the lessons Mikail starts to feel himself bad again and continues indisciplinary behaviours in class.When he comes to my classroom he starts to behave in the some way ; but because of my determined stance he gets scored of me and escapes to school for four months.During this time his family tries to turn him back by doing whatever he wants; but this situation make Mikail happier day by day.Mikail’s family can’t solve the situation with their own attempts and asks for help from me.As his teacher,I try to decorate my visits to Mikail with small presents . At first Mikail doesn’t respond to my attempts; but as the tıme passes Mikail starts to talk to me.In time, negative sentences he produces and his reactions to school starts to decline.During my visit , I manage to convince Mikail’s family to tak ehim to doctor.At last, Mikail turns back to school.At fırst, Mikail is more introvert and shy . As the tıme passes, Mikail’s situation starts to improve.He listens to lessons, brings his books and notebooks to the classroom and starts to conmunicate with his friends.He starts to talk in front of the classroom his friends doesn’t complain about Mikail .The story of Mikail is a success story.A student whose school life comes nearly to the and who hates from school and teachers gets involved in school life as a result of lasting effords.We can’t mention about a perfect increase in terms of lessons; but the increase of his interest in lessons and his communication with his friends is an improvement development for Mikail.As a ressult,a student who will be defined as unsuccessful , lazy student starts to be understood by his teacher and his friends and now hi gets an education appropriate for his situation.
The story of Mikail is a success story. At the very beginning of the story Mikail who has a learning difficulty and cannot be understood by his family and his teachers turns into a person who can communicate with his friends and doesn’t have a bias towards school. The story of Mikail is successful not because of the increase of school success of Mikail, but his hate and bias towards school and teachers diminishes at the end of the story. While Mikail is about to leave school and is defined as lazy and unsuccessful , he becomes a student who goes to school regularly and gets interested in lessons at the end of the story. This is the reason why the story of Mikail becomes successful. All these improvements aren’t the result of random efforts. We can’t deny the efforts of the actors in the story. In this story, the role of communication among his family, the expert and as his teacher, me is really important. It is a difficult process to explain and make Mikail’s family to believe in his situation. At the very beginning of the story, Mikail’s family sees the reason for Mikail’s behaviours as his stubborness and asked for Mikail’s teacher to do whatever he wants. As the reason for Mikail’s failure at lessons, they put forward his laziness. As a result of attitude of Mikail’s family, hailing process of Mikail gets a longer time than expected. During the four months Mikail is away from school, I ‘m in connection with his family. At the end of the efforts, Mikail’s family accepts his situation and convinced to get an expert help. With the help of expert and me, Mikail decides to come back to school and starts to get interested in lessons. The education policies have a great impact on Mikail’s situation. The system of Adey in our education system makes the follow of students easier by means of Daily absency records. With the help of Adey, schools can solve problems more quickly. In addition, the system makes it compulsory to go to school and makes return of students to school possible. Mikail’s story can be shown as sample to the people who have similar experiences and direct people to reach the correct results. The potential of the story to be conveyed to other situations is high, because many students whose situation cannot be understood and who has a negative attitude towards school have problems and their lives are affected negatively. Sharing these kinds of stories can provide great help for these people.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.