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One More Chance
Primary school
Integration of immigrants students
Explanation of Success Story:Our 7th grade student E. İs an immigrant.The family of the student is seasonal worker .E.’s family is usually out of town,her education life affected negatively.Most of the time ,he doesn’t have a parent to wake him up,clean his clothes,prepare breakfast.He stays with her grandfather and takes his cousin to kindergarten.So he can’t have a regular education year.He comes to school without uniform and is usually late for school.Sometimes he goes to His sister’s house out of town and takes care of his child and so he doesn’t come to school for a few days.E.cathes my attention in the first days of the school.He doesn’t have all of school equipments.When he has notebook,he hasn’t pencil.Furthermore,he is highly respectful and mature.In addition,in Maths lessons he takes notes and writes well.When she forgets her pencil,I give her my pencil.At the end of the lesson,he gives it back and thanks me.His behaviour makes me very happy.When I realize his absenteeism,I share it with consultant at school.He says that we can cooperate and make it possible to bring him back to school by means of Adey.When I talk to him,I recognize that he is in the condition I explain at the beginning.I ask him to wake up early,come to school whether his parents are at home or not.When he is late ,he doesn’t come to school all day.I see that he gets appreciation from other teachers and is highly successful at some lessons.Except for numerical lessons,he can be successful by studying himself.Also he is a talented student.He paints well and play the violin.In the second term of the 7th grade,E.’s family goes to another city as seasonal worker and he goes to another school with them.At the 8th grade ,he comes back to school.In the first term,he is good at lessons;but in the second term his friends cause him to get away from school and his failure at lessons.With the hepl of consultant,we talk to his grandfather and he comes to school regularly.But he can’t get a good result.Consultant at school tries to help students to choose an appropriate school for themselves.I believe the teacher will do his best;but I don’t know that E. Will be out of town during the registration time.When he is out of town,his father registrates him to a high school he doesn’t want to go.When he turns back,he gets sad.So he doesn’t go to school willingly.As he doesn’t want to go university and believe he can find a job after graduation,he gets away from school.I meet E.outside and ask what he is doing and where he is.He says he Works at a part-time job.I get sad;because he wants to go to school.But he should have have a job after graduation.The next day I say the consultant to talk about E..He promises to come ,but I have doubts .The next day,he comes to school.I realize that he really wants to go to school.The consultant mentions about Apprentice Training Centers and Vocational High Schools.We don’t interfere in his choices.The other day he comes to school as he promises and wants to go to Apprentice Training Center.With the help of the consultant,he registrates to school.
We protect our students from getting uneducated,living in the streets and doing irregular Works.He is under risk as his family can’t follow him.By means of E.,we don’t touch his life only.We touch many lives.As E. Can have a regular job and his family can have a regular life,he won’t go to other cities to work.I can say that the qualities E.has enable us to contact with him,because he listens to people and try to do their advises.It is a great advantage for him to listen to experts.The secret point of this success story is to stengthen the communication between parents-school,parents-student,student-school.This brings many advantages to the student.For this reason we ,we should make parents come to school,strengthen the communication with the scool staff.Schools must educate parents,also.Changing education and exam systems should be taught to parents.We mustn’t cause parents to get away from school.Parents should confide in school.By the way,students must feel themselves belonged to school and know about every changes in the system.For this,students must come to school regularly and take the school seriously.Every student must have an aim.If the student isn’t aware of the situation,the school should take some precautions.As going to school is more important than graduation,it is certain that because of socio-economical and cultural differences,some students can’t be directed to academical education and there should be practical solutions for some lifes.For this reason,vocational education policies of goverment save lifes.In addition,after graduation they should be follwed.As long as the school doesn’t see students as a part of the family,it can’t make anything useful fort hem.And so schools need consultants as well as academical education.Today tramsmitting information systems to technological areas makes it possible to follow students.Education is such a thing that by changing a person’s life you can touch many lifes.Success of our students is vital fort his.It is important to evaluate students according to their potentials,show alternative ways,give chance,know the truth about their lifes.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.