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Victory Of Perseverance
High Secondary School
School bullying
Our hero was born in Gümüşhane 1978. The fourth child of a family of six siblings. Till 1988 they had lived in one of village of Gümüşhane. Daddy was fixed paid worker. In 1988 they had moved to İzmit Körfez. Causes of migration were Financial difficulties. Due to the hope of finding a jop and call of his relatives they had moved to Körfez, father couldn’t find what he was looking for especially in the first years of migration
In fact, father has no specific profession, in the thought of working of different business, after a short duration of his start of work, he was dismissed. Due to this reason they lived for a long time in their relatives’ old slum. During this period he was in primary school. When they were in Gümüşhane, he was getting sketchy education. However, even though he could not go to school, most of the time he was the first student in the classroom to start reading. Due to the ongoing success of the M. the teacher wanted to put him for scholarship exams. For this, M. repeatedly asked to talk to the father even went to the village. However, father stated that there is no need for continuing education, for him to know to read and write is sufficient In his opinion he could be employed as an apprentice by entering a job. Or he should deal with farming in the village like people living in good economic status. Teachers, who had seen their efforts were inconclusive, had to give up after a certain period of time. When he and his three siblings came Gulf they were at school-age. But the father could be able to send to school. Actually he didn’t want it in his heart. Especially boys wanted a job and earn money. M. completed Primary and secondary school by the force of his relatives, however M’ lessons were getting worse thoroughly. Because he didn’t have study media, nor Material. After school he sell the water that his father brought. However, M. I always rooted in a reading of the request. He shared his desire with his mother enrolled secretly from his father. He had gone to school, in aim of going to work. In the way to school he was changing clothes in the toilet of a mosque close to the school of M. After the school M was doing any work he had founded. Because he had to gain the money to give his father. Generally he worked in Körfez Lanes and sold Pişmaniye. Shortly after the child's father noticed the strangeness of her son, and followed him early morning. Dad got mad when he saw that his son was going to school and he tried to take him out of school badly. School administrators and teachers who intervene in the situation were responded harshly by father. Teachers were very sorry after they learned in how difficult situation M’ was trying to study, and blamed themselves for doing nothing. .In that year, several times teachers visited M. father's house to convince dad.Finally Dad was convinced, and first registered him to night school .M. was working in the night and in the day was going to school. Eventualy due this situation he failed in courses and with great efforts he registered to normal school classes. M. has graduated from Körfez Commercial Vocational High School in 1997 as a scholarship student. Now he is a business man in derice.and he is in a good condition finacilally.
The story is a clear success story. Here is the main factor in the success M. itself. If his continuity of its efforts reading was not exist ,he won’t come to his existing position. If In fact, the success of everyone is in this story. Father can also be called successful sin he has looked from his sons’ perspective.. Also the school teacher are the biggest architect of this success, since they haven’t constraint the education to school but also to life.
At the beginning the story of is one-way, an indoor communication is Observed. Father is single-minded and closed to the outside world. He didn’t want to communicate with his son, his family, and with teachers. M. has shared his problems only with his mother, if that unpleasant situation hadn’t happed, he won’t share his situation with his teachers. After this he was in continuous communication with his teacher. He got aids both for his private life and studies. Reading rate is very low at that time. For the development of county requirement of more brainpower than muscle power has been come forward. Education policy is to continue the education of more students. Attention is paid especially to education of bright students. In this story actually Context of education was shown. The story is good example of what could be accomplished and how a life can be retrieved back with a little effort. So we can adapt all aspects this story of your life, Perseverance, faith, effort, universal phenomena are universal in this story.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.