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Irresponsible families
Yaşar Deniz
Classroom Teacher
Primary School
School bullying
The story occurred in a school, where I worked as a teacher in Hendek. The characters of the story are a student in 7th grade, his classmates, the manipulators and teachers. His father imprisoned for one guilt. The mother starts to live with four little children. Later, the mother got married to her sister-in-law’s husband (the children’s aunt’s husband). After many years passed, She started to live together with her new scions and other scions from her former marriage in the same area. They also had to go to same school. The students, the teachers, and the administrator in the school figured out the case. The students humiliated with her son who was from her former husband and who was a 7th grade student. The administrators and the teachers let things slide by not interfering with the situation and by not keep the student’s hand. The student failed the class as a result of 2 years absence.
When I started to serve here, I identified the case and learnt the details. Later, I tried to identify what I could do by contacting with his parents. The student had started to stay in different places by staking his parents and ending his relationship with his parents. His father was released from the prison and he got divorced from his wife. I made rendezvous with the student on the phone by contacting with him. I persuaded him by meeting at Adapazarı and I provided his attendance in school. By talking to all the students and the teachers in the school, I wanted them not to tell him anything about his special case and not to ask any question to him. There arouse some problems in that his parents wanted to come to school and to have a contact with their child. But, we solved the problem by also interfering with this case. He got his diploma by finishing the Primary School. And then, I provided him with work. Now, he is working without any problems under my control. He both finished his school and got rid of his bad habits. Now he is sustaining his life together with his grandmother in Hendek.

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Date: 2014.05.30

Posted by Jose Miguel Méndez Lucena (Spain)

Message: The work of the teacher is great. This student was living a very difficult situation. Have a parent in prison makes little children suffer . Peers are very cruel, and often do harm to the student reminding their plight . Moreover, the plight adds new partner of the mother , changing family and household. I think it's very important that the teaching staff is aware of these situations. If the faculty had acted in time there had been problems with the student, and therefore had not lost two years of school life.
To be lower in Spain also involved Social Services , which already exert a greater force on families . There are different programs such as:
Service to children and adolescents and their families. This service is provided from equipment care to children and adolescents ( EAIA ) , territorially distributed .
It is dedicated to the assessment , action and care of children in or at risk of homelessness and their families follow :
Basic - needs boy / a unmet
- Performance negligent or aggression of the fathers to the children.
An interdisciplinary team of professionals ( social work, education, psychology , social educators ) is defined by the lower and educational activities , accommodation , relationship with family , etc. . most appropriate to ensure their well-being , improve their quality of life and development.

Another interesting program that would be useful for this case is:
Socio Action Service from the street
Detecting youths who make the street the priority relationship , and provide host
guidance and activities that come to the services and facilities of the district, in order to improve coexistence with the environment and to improve their personal and social development.
Services include :
- Home
Socio- educational - Accompaniment
- Attractions
- Workshops

Date: 2014.05.28

Posted by Georgia Panagiotopoulou (Greece)

Message: It is very gratifying fact that a child with so many family problems managed to survive the difficulties of school, finishing it and making a living in his life.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.