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Success of Self-Reliance
Süleyman GÜVEN
Süleyman GÜVEN
High School
Identification of students’ at risk
Ismail is only child in a family. His father is a soldier. His father looks for soldierly disciplinary in his behaviours and when there is not, he uses violence. His father’s such kind of attitude made Ismail an introverted person. He does not talk to anyone at school and he does not participate in his friends’ activities. Due to this, He is always humiliated by a group of students at school and made fun of.
He doesn’t want to attend the classes because of both physical violence he experiences at home and psychological pressure he sees at school any longer.
When his absence attracts attention, the teacher goes Ismail’s home and inquires the situation. His father expresses that his son doesn’t want to come to school and he has become aware of the fault he made. But, he cannot persuade Ismail to go to school. The teacher meets with the student. He took the promise of the parents in that he will not be exposed to violence at home any longer. He also persuade Ismail to come to school.
When he comes to school, because he knows Ismail’s interest in computers, he asks him to help in computer works. Ismail likes it so much. He spends all his free time in computer laboratories. After a while, his teacher makes Ismail the person in charge for the computer laboratories. His friends asks help from him and he solves the problem. So, his self-reliance increased and nobody humiliates with him any longer.
Ismail comes to school with great pleasure.

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Date: 2014.06.02

Posted by Ana Alba (Spain)

Message: In this case the importance of self-esteem is denoted for success in any business. Also the importance of the family that can lead to this situation with parents who educate their child inappropriately . And finally , the luck of finding a good teacher who realizes the problem and is taken by the student interest in his development as a person , her parents have not had or have not been able to have it.
Of these students if I had but not as extreme . When I 've noticed I've done what I could, as appropriate, and if I have left their "parents " . May also happen that have made ​​him believe the child , their family and environment, is a gifted and reach secondary school , think it's better than anyone and with less effort, more than others. Consequence: rejection group , isolation, self-exclusion and bad behavior. That was one dubbed by peers as " superdoti " . Studying 2nd ESO in a pretty good group. At the end of two subjects discontinued and pulled low notes on other materials . I could not do anything for him or knew.
If I had a son or grandson in my house would never use the word to refer to gifted well maybe he 's just a smart kid and there can always be someone who is more, which would be a frustration. And in his childish immaturity, make him a fool and cocky problem child and , as happened with " superdoti " . This just does not happen but just in case .
My Institute, Seneca, is a center for 1,400 students and normal dedication was 5 courses to thirty students per classroom. This is the reason why you could not customize much teaching. If there was a psychological cabinet by passing students when we detected a problem .
The writing teacher acted as an excellent teacher .

Date: 2014.06.01

Posted by Carmen Martínez Millán (Spain)

Message: I am a high school teacher and I am currently retired situation . My name is Carmen Martínez Millán and have developed my teaching in 3 Secondary Schools in the field of Geology and Biology : in Cabra ( Córdoba) , Yecla (Murcia ) and Cordoba. And in my humble opinion I will try to make a brief comment of the four situations that we face.

Perhaps the case of authoritarian parents is one of the most affecting the personality of a boy / girl considering the age of these pass through adolescence . Authoritarian parents (understood in extreme cases) intimidate any / as causing in them an attitude of introversion.
In many cases the tutor ( teacher in charge of controlling a group of students / as assuming the role of director among many others) makes contact with parents to discuss the root cause of your son / daughter at the same time you get the student all the information about the cause of his attitude in class. After obtaining all the necessary data needed to find the solution.
I think the procedure is very similar to the one told in the letter. And it seems a pretty appropriate response from the teacher to the role of the student / a , charging control function of the computer room , to motivate and gain acceptance by the rest of his teammates / as .

Date: 2014.05.28

Posted by Paraskevi Gouda (Greece)

Message: The behaviors of parents directly affect the behavior of their children.
When the behavior of the parent is wild also involve the child has wild behavior to peers.
In order a solution to be found to the whole problem the school, classmates and first of all his parent should help.
When all the above shackles function correctly the child finds his way.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.