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Can immigration solve some of the problems of our nowadays world?
31 years
Integration of immigrants students
2011-2013, Technology High School “Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt” Vorona, Botoșani County, Romania.
Main actors involved are the students of a class, mechanical training, boys only, in which in the school year 2011-2012, a boy from the Republic of Moldavia was registered in.
In the school year 2011-2012, a boy from the Republic of Moldavia was registered in our high school. His family had limited economical and financial resources. We came in contact with his family during a visit in Moldavia, as part of a project related to the theme of Romanian traditions and culture.
In order to identify the difficulties the student and his family had, we had several discussions with them regarding the living conditions and regarding the emigration (causes, destinations, conditions).
We had some problems related to providing housing for the student during the two years he should study in our high school, we do not have our own housing.
The student could easily fit within the students’ body, he had spend his free time with the families of his colleagues or participating to our extracurricular activities our school had organized.
The student had good results in school, he had his diploma for qualification and this helped him, from a social-professional point of view, to fit in after graduation.
This experience helped us to strengthen the relationships we have with the Romanian families in the Republic of Moldavia; we became more sensitive to others’ problems. Unfortunately the time and financial resources do not allow us to continue to stay in contact with our students after graduation.

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Date: 2014.08.20

Posted by Gamze Sarı (Turkey)

Message: Immigrations is a big problem. Because adaptation of immigrants to country’s culture, educational life, social-economic sphere are hard situations. Same like this story, immigrants have different economic conditions, cultural values etc. , because of this, school should be aware of every student’s conditions (especially immigrant students). Teachers should observe the student’s academic level, in-class behavior, communications with friends. If we recognize our student diligently, we can achieve every hardship. Teacher should communicate with student’s family, teacher know family’s economic condition. Teacher can tell the student’s and his family’s economic condition to school management. Thus, school management can make provision against family’s bad economic condition. If we want to solve the immigrant problems, we should focus on two main point. First point, we should give an effective language education to immigrant students. Secondly, we should help to immigrant families’ economic hardship. Every student is valuable. We should value to every students without whatever religion, race, culture they have. Yet another important point is student’s adaptation. School should give the fundamental values to its students. Thus, immigrant students will adapt to their new life easily. Besides, we can arrange different kind of meeting for student’s inclusion. This inclusion activies will annihilate to problems arise from difference.

Date: 2014.07.07

Posted by Agostinho Arranca (Portugal)

Message: That experience shows that concerns one of the most important actions in the integration of immigrants - the relationship with family and community. Understanding their origin, articulating answers with family and integrate academic but also social and economic answers it’s very important. The integration of students must be global and not purely academic.

Date: 2014.05.29

Posted by Zoitsa Perdikaki (Greece)

Message: There are also a lot of immigrants in Greece.
They are mainly come form Albania, North Africa and South East.
The role of the teacher is very important for this little students, in order to be part of the class.
He has to make a lot of effort for all this adjustment.
In Greece there are a lot of seminars about migration.

Date: 2014.05.27

Posted by BELECCIU GRATIELA, "Dr. Mihai Ciuca" Saveni High School,[email protected] (Romania)

Message: By a lucky chance in our high school, although we have students coming from Republic of Moldavia they didn’t meet another problem at the beginning but the home sick and they passed it. They easily accommodate because they were speaking the same language and were well received by their colleagues
The presented case - economical problems - is also encounter to local families so the answer to title’s question is, in my opinion, yes, but just a few of them.
I’ve had a student from Republic of Moldavia, Dorin, he graduated five years ago and went to a college also in Romania. He lived in a boarding school was a calm and hard working person and
demonstrate that Romania can be considered HOME. Dorin was not rich or an expansive tip but he was present at each school activity and he was a reliable person for the collective. He spoke Romanian language with a sweet accent loved by everybody. He was never an immigrant for us so, that means that he was another example of well done integration.

Date: 2014.05.16

Posted by Helena Velez de Castro (Portugal)

Message: We have a lot of immigrants here, in Portugal, too. It is amazing how well some students can do, despite all obstacles, either economical or as far as language barrier is concerned. It is with the help of teachers like COTOC MARIANA - VIOLETA that these young people can overcome all the difficulties that being an immigrant represents! I am so glad that wherever we are from, whatever background we may have, the humane qualities always surpass the different cultures and/or origins and bring people together, as members of "one family" only! Either in Romania or in POrtugal, wherever the immigrants come from, their problems are all alike and so is(can be) our help to them! That is one of the reasons why teachers like being teachers : the will and ability to help others get more easily into the "big family" that is the human race. The more we help the others, the more we are helping ourselves and our unique world.
I'm with you partner!!:)

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.