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Romanian Language and Literature
19 years
National College
Identification of students’ at risk
The student comes from a family with 5 children, from the countryside, a family that was torn apart in his middle school years. Because of the father’s abusive behavior, the mother needed to leave the country to earn some money and the children were left in the father’s care. The father kept being violent with the kids, and after some tensions they are entrusted to their mother. In turn, the mother isn’t in the country, so she leaves them in their maternal grandmother’s care.
Without his parent’s support, the student develops a rebel behavior, he misses a lot of classes, being on the verge of abandoning school. In spite of his remarkable intelligence, the student reaches a corigent state in several subjects in 9th grade, but with the support of his class master and his other teachers he manages to pass this class. Starting with the new school year, the student evolves favorably successfully completing all his school tasks.The involvement of his class master and his teachers lead to the restoring of the student’s self confidence, by using his own powers to overcome the critical situation that he was under.
Now the student is in 12th grade, he is 18 and he decided to take a part-time job for his personal needs, since the mother is hardly raising the other 3 children. He intends to graduate and to orientate himself on the labor market.
Critical analysis:
It goes without saying that this student recovered only by the path of education, and because of the interest of the teacher staff, the people who were able to realize the child’s family problems and his amazing qualities. Proving a huge understanding over the student’s situation and his low economical resources, we were able to reintegrate him in school, a simple child who would have given up easily to the temptations of the society. Since the generosity isn’t measured in goods, but good deeds, the teachers have a lot to count....

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Date: 2014.05.30

Posted by Concepcion Fernandez Chaves (Spain)

Message: This story is a success thanks to the teachers, who must be committed and dedicated entirely to the task of educating and enriching their students.

It has been found that the opinion of a child to have their teacher is important because it will affect their school performance. You must discover the real reasons why the child has a low opinion of your teacher and acting to improve the situation. It is important to operate the child-parent-teacher trio for better response in the child's education, in this case, the family was not cooperating, so we placed more emphasis on the teacher student relationship.

Here the teacher becomes the student support, getting to improve their academic performance and reduce their bad behaviors.

Date: 2014.05.21

Posted by Luciano Luongo E-MAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] (Istituto "Datini" Prato Italy)

Message: This case is exemplary to demonstrate the total commitment that teachers put in recovering kids who have family situations of hardship and violence. The involvement of teachers in the recovery activities in cases of students who do not seem to have a future, proves to be providential to solve compromised situations, as well as to give new confidence to the student involved. The student at risk realizes not to have alternatives for getting out of a serious family situation that he/she can no longer manage. Then, being aware that he/she can count on a great help and reference provided by a responsible adult - for example the teacher, who lives the anxieties of the student daily, and understands him/her - becomes the only way to overcome the difficulties. It should be an influential person, a person able to instill confidence in the student, so that he can be given suggestions and directed towards the solution of his/her problems. Teachers are an inexhaustible resource of society, they are aware of their institutional but, above all , human role.

 If you had a similar experience, please describe:
• background of student involved
• behaviour of other students
• behaviour of parents
• cooperation received from the other teachers
• your behaviour
• results achieved

Date: 2014.05.16


Message: The case examined particularly impressed me as a situation of particular social discomfort due to purely economic issues.
The main factor of disturbance is the father's violent behavior that reflects negatively on children than on mother, leading to a removal of children from families.
This leads the boy to assume an attitude of rebellion against the company with which it comes in contact, and thus a rejection of the school that represents its immediate social. The school has enabled to correct this attitude and be able to return in the student a positive attitude towards the study results definitely satisfactory.
In this as in other cases that occurred in our schools, you may notice that it is essentially thanks to the attention paid by the teachers to the problems highlighted by the students and their feeling that you are unable to retrieve children otherwise destined to end up in the net of the underworld.
This is a strength of the vast majority of teachers who, as downside, sees a State that is not always present and never complains of social discomfort that arises certainly economic. For this reason they should be more involved social workers and others who might come into contact with these families and look for a point of contact between school and family to allow children a more positive approach towards the school.

Date: 2014.05.05

Posted by Panagiota Filippatou (Greece)

Message: Parents play an important role in children's development.
It is a curse for a child not having his two parents to guide him.
The grandmother can help but can not replace the parents.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.