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There is always a solution to every problem.
Lower Secondary School
Identification of students’ at risk
The protagonist of the story is a student (girl) with a family with severe limitations and disabilities. Parents of students lack social skills.
The family is unable to control his daughter, and always depend on government assistance to survive.
Family's attitude toward school is positive, as they have collaborated with the center and with social services but with serious difficulties understanding.
Another important fact is that the student is subject to constant changes of address.
Regarding the student can highlight their low intellectual and educational backwardness. The student also has social skills shortages.
The student does not get controlled and conscious of failure, so that the student sample and passive demotivado school.
The overall environment is not conducive to study. The student is strongly influenced by the environment.
With regard to the school environment, the student has an ACI (individualized curriculum adaptation)

Trigger the change:
Reconvenes address the family with the educator, tutor to the municipal household PCE and to clarify the situation. They are informed that the file is in the hands of the inspector and that he valued what to do with it based on the behavior of the child.
Having determined that the child is not enrolled anywhere family is pressed through the educator.
The father comes in the institute in October asking that support his daughter because in the summer is angry with her friends and does not want to go to there.
The counselor takes matters into by the hair and get a place of PCE. But the less said that he does not want to be putting a million hit. To all this was added transportation difficulties.
The City Council appointment to the family with the educator and the Director of the institute and is
posed to lower the signing of a service contract. If it is not fulfilled
open the corresponding file in delegation.
After a brief period of restraint begins again absenteeism. Reconvenes address the family with the educator, the tutor and the City Council to clarify the situation. They are informed that the file is in the hands of the inspector, and that he valued what to do with it based on the behavior of the child.
The inspector calls all in Delegation requests the institute that happens weekly
attendance reports and warns the student that with the approaching failure of absenteeism on
prosecution case will be lower.
Evidence of the success of the case is the student's continued asistenica to school as usual ..
The center is also of vital importance because it performs all modifications that are necessary to ensure that the student meets normally and have sense of progress and therefore involvement in academic tasks that arise.
The key to success in this case, has been the persistence of professionals and complete dedication, as well as good coordination. This student has had special resources to meet their educational needs. Although not taken advantage of all have been a key part of their recovery.
Two. - The attention of the mentors (institute and PCE) and implication of the direction of the center have been decisive.
Three. - The constant presence of the educator educator center and family have somehow managed to focus the family and facilitate communication with the school environment.
. 4 - The primary key has been the coordination of all actions and exchange of information. At no time has taken a step without the other.
May. - Although nobody bet for success, never gave the case for lost.

On the other hand, has been very important to the smooth flow of information between schools and the city, and the involvement of all.
It has also proved to be decisive for the presence of an educator closely following the case.
It is important to start early to intervene in such situations, it is not a difficult task and takes a lot of time and dedication that sometimes becomes tedious.
The main protagonists of the success of this case are:
Key actions undertaken to understand is to understand the performance guidelines distitnas truancy cases. Nationally, the Education Act (LOE, 2066) stable schools must ensure the overall development of its students for what to make much curriculum adaptations as necessary. It also identifies the Regional Government schools located in high risk areas sociocultural. These centers reiben more specific attention and greater human and material resources.

Keys to success with Domain Transfer are possible:
Since education:
Address, counselor, guardian, Inspector
Since municipal services:
Technical absenteeism, center educator, social worker, educator EISE, police

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.