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From this section it is possible to access to a collection of success stories on the prevention of early school leaving. The success stories present the perspectives of all of the main actors involved. These are: school headmasters, teachers, students and parents.

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A ‘voluntary’ exchange Greece
A friend in need is a friend indeed Spain
A good example of respect for cultural traditions Spain
A Lost Boy Italy
A Strange Boy Italy
A Successful Girl Turkey
A successful integration Portugal
Abandoning is not the solution Romania
Accompagnement d’une élève issue de la « classe passerelle » Belgium
Accompagnement d’une jeune fille à « haut potentiel » Belgium
Affection Turkey
Arrival of a new headmaster and setting up of an “internal reschooling device” Belgium
Arrivée d’un nouveau directeur et mise en place d’un « espace d’accrochage scolaire interne » Belgium
Art helps to overcome communications difficulties and increases self-confidence Italy
Bonne réaction de la préfète de discipline Belgium
Care Turkey
Citizen School Belgium
Citizen Schools Movement (MIEC) Belgium
Co-animation teaching Belgium
Courses of Italian as L2 - from student to tutor Italy
Crossing frontiers Portugal
Cum a devenit student la Medicină? Romania
Détermination de la mère d'un élève racketté Belgium
Determination of a mother of a student victim of racketeering Belgium
Devagar mas nunca parado Portugal
Dialogue is the way to success Spain
Different Occupations Turkey
Difficulties in Adjusting Portugal
Ecole citoyenne Belgium
Emotional Balance Portugal
Enseignement en co-animation Belgium
Equal opportunities for everybody? Greece
Failures and successes - How to go on among Italy
Fighting School Violence Portugal
Follow the ways of your neighbors Spain
Foreign students and disability: recognizing learning disabilities beyond the language problem Italy
Formation par les pairs Belgium
From a Nightmare to a Dream Italy
From affection and volunteer work to inclusion Portugal
From cyberbullying to friendly network Italy
From Poetry to Photography: Two Different Ways of Communicating Italy
From the Chinese school to the Italian final certification: academic success of a Chinese girl who came to Italy at the age of 13 Italy
Getting up and going on Romania
Give Me A Hand Teacher Turkey
Give One More Chance to You Turkey
Give them the weapons to fight! Greece
God Saves my Greek Friends Greece
Guiding a student from a “bridging class” Belgium
Half a loaf is better than no bread Spain
He is just a child Romania
Helping an “intellectually gifted” girl Belgium
How to become a medical student? Romania
How violence was born Romania
I believe in disabilities Greece
I want to succeed in life Spain
Implication de l’éducateur de niveau Belgium
Instruct future citizens Spain
Intercultural Module: Kinga's story Italy
Interest Turkey
La directrice négocie avec la Justice Belgium
La directrice suspend une procédure d’exclusion Belgium
Language Barriers Greece
Le tutorat, une aide pour les parents Belgium
Learning difficulties Italy
Let all flowers bloom Romania
Love your next soul Romania
Man sanctifies his place Romania
Many hands make light work Spain
Mentoring: Help for Parents Belgium
Money Can Destroy Education Greece
Motivation Paths Portugal
Mouvement des Institutions et Ecoles Citoyennes (MIEC) Belgium
My boy is a fighter Greece
Necessity is the mother of invention Spain
No holidays, no cares Spain
Now I learn in school Spain
O bom malandro Portugal
O regresso à escola Portugal
On Stage: learning by the teatre Italy
One More Chance Turkey
Out of Africa Portugal
Overcoming Bullying Portugal
Parenthood In School Romania
Peer education Belgium
Pictures In My Heart Turkey
Poverty causes school drop out Romania
Professional help is needed Greece
Regaining confidence Portugal
Régularisation d’un jeune en situation d’élève libre Belgium
Regularizing an “élève libre” (free student) Belgium
Remédiation aux difficultés d’apprentissage Belgium
Remediation for learning difficulties Belgium
Réussite scolaire d’un élève « primo-arrivant » Belgium
Rwanda (performing arts show) Portugal
Sărăcia determină abandonul şcolar Romania
School as a solution to juvenile delinquency: the story of a foreign mother Italy
She is my friend! Greece
Show me the Money Greece
Social and educational integration Portugal
Soutien à une jeune fille enceinte Belgium
Sports and School Greece
Stay focused Greece
Success Turkey
Success of a newly-arrived student Belgium
Supporting a pregnant girl Belgium
Supporting and individualising Portugal
The communicator Portugal
The discipline headmistress’ good reaction Belgium
The educator’s involvement Belgium
The flexibility of the rules and the school success Italy
The headmistress adjourns a procedure of expulsion Belgium
The headmistress negociates with Justice Belgium
The Hero Next Door Romania
The poet Portugal
The Power of Love Turkey
The revolutionary Portugal
The School of Life Romania
The school, second home Romania
The story of F.L. Italy
There Is Always A Hope Of Light In Life Turkey
There is always a solution to every problem. Spain
Time is money Spain
Um aluno exemplar Portugal
Uma relação de confiança Portugal
Unity is strength Italy
Vice and Death Romania
Victory Of Perseverance Turkey
Violence gives birth to violence Romania
Violence is not a solution Romania
Violenţa nu este o soluţie Romania
We all find our way Spain
Welcoming and Planning Italy
What If We Don’t Realize Turkey
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade Spain
Why me? Romania
Working together Italy
You are beautiful Greece
You have to face things Spain
Θα είναι φίλη μου! Greece

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.