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From this section it is possible to access to a collection of teachers’ experiences related to the issue of early school leaving. Teachers can take advantage of methodologies and strategies shared by their colleagues in order to prevent and tackle early school leaving. The descriptions are organized in the searchable database below.

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“EPTO” training at “Athénée de Visé” Belgium
“The school positive influence” Italy
“Too adult” ? Italy
A bullying experience at São Lourenço School Portugal
A game boy Greece
A Story of Determination Turkey
A.R.O.M.I. Acronym for Welcome Recover Motivate Steering Addressing Italy
Adolescence and dropout Spain
An integration issue Portugal
Attempts to support a primary school student with difficulties Belgium
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Romania
Bullying Portugal
Can immigration solve some of the problems of our nowadays world? Romania
Clash of cultures Spain
Cognitive/affective deficit disorder and learning difficulties Portugal
Creation of the homework club “ASSISA” Belgium
Cyberbullying toward a student and a teacher Belgium
Décollage Scolaire (DS) (from France) Belgium
Differences in learning between younger and older students Portugal
Dyslexia and self-esteem Italy
Education as a source of social exclusion of the gypsy population Romania
ES: Adolescentes y Abandono Escolar Spain
ES: Choque de Culturas Spain
ES: Cuando la Unión no es suficiente Spain
ES: Cultura Gitana Spain
ES: El niño que le gusta estudiar Spain
ES: El Poder de la Unión Spain
ES: Esperando la Tormenta Spain
ES: Separar para mejorar Spain
ES: Una suma de situaciones que te guian al abandono escolar Spain
Everybody is Equal Turkey
FR : Adolescence et décrochage Spain
FR : Agressions sexuelles à l’école primaire Belgium
FR : Amour et attentions Portugal
FR : Choc des cultures Spain
FR : Connaître un élève en tant qu’individu Portugal
FR : Création de l’école de devoirs « ASSISA » Belgium
FR : Culture gitane Spain
FR : Cyber-harcèlement envers une élève et un professeur Belgium
FR : Décollage Scolaire (DS) (France) Belgium
FR : Décrochage récurrent Spain
FR : Décrochage scolaire Portugal
FR : Déséquilibre Romania
FR : Deuxième Chance Portugal
FR : Dyslexie et Estime de soi Italy
FR : Élève d’une famille éclatée Belgium
FR : Élève placé en Institution Publique de Protection de la Jeunesse (IPPJ) Belgium
FR : Élève victime de harcèlement en raison de son physique disgracieux Belgium
FR : Espace de soutien pour élèves en difficultés Belgium
FR : Étapes pour soutenir Mihaela Romania
FR : Formation « EPTO » à l’Athénée de Visé Belgium
FR : Gestion difficile du Trouble Oppositionnel avec Provocation (TOP) Italy
FR : Harcèlement Portugal
FR : Intégration d’élèves immigrés Italy
FR : L’éducation comme source d’exclusion sociale des populations gitanes Romania
FR : L’immigration peut-elle résoudre les problèmes du monde contemporain ? Romania
FR : L’union fait la force Spain
FR : L'influence positive de l’école Italy
FR : La triste histoire d’Angela Italy
FR : Laboratoire de Théâtre Scolaire Italy
FR : Laisser passer la tempête Spain
FR : Le garçon qui aimait étudier Spain
FR : Lutte contre les tentations de la vie Romania
FR : Mauvais départ, super fin Romania
FR : Moqueries, dessin insultant à l’encontre d’un élève studieux Belgium
FR : Ne jamais oublier de briller Romania
FR : Projet Rwanda (un projet de représentation théâtrale pour les enseignants) Portugal
FR : Proximité Portugal
FR : Rompons le silence Romania
FR : Séparer pour améliorer Spain
FR : Tentatives de soutien à une élève en difficultés dès la première primaire Belgium
FR : Trouble du déficit de l’attention avec hyperactivité Romania
FR : Un fait de harcèlement à l’école São Lourenço Portugal
FR : Un problème d’intégration Portugal
FR : Une accumulation de situations qui mènent au décrochage Spain
Given an advantage Greece
GR: Δίνοντας ένα πλεονέκτημα Greece
GR: Εγκυμοσύνη; Greece
GR: Η τάξη μπορεί να βοηθήσει Greece
GR: Μη μαθησιακές δυσκολίες Greece
GR: Πάντα το τέλος είναι καλό Greece
GR: Πείνα και άθληση Greece
GR: Πολύ νέος για να εκφοβίσει, πολύ νέος να εκφοβιθεί Greece
GR: Προβλήματα με τη γλώσσα Greece
GR: Το game boy Greece
GR: Το παρελθόν επηρεάζει το μέλλον Greece
Gypsy culture Spain
Hunger and Sports Greece
I resort to violence to solve my problems Romania
Imbalance Romania
Integrating immigrant students Italy
Irresponsible families Turkey
IT: “L'influenza positiva della scuola” Italy
IT: A.R.O.M.I. Acronimo : Accoglienza Recupero Orientamento Motivazione Indirizzo Italy
IT: Dislessia ed autostima Italy
IT: Integrazione di studenti immigrati Italy
IT: La difficile gestione del Disturbo Oppositivo Provocatorio (D O P) Italy
IT: La storia di Matteo V. Italy
IT: La triste storia di Angela Italy
IT: Laboratorio Teatrale Scolastico Italy
IT: Percorso di apprendimento alternato Italy
IT: Troppo adulta? Italy
Keep My Hand Turkey
Language Barriers Greece
Learning about a pupil as an individual Portugal
Let’s break the silence Romania
Love and care Portugal
Never forget shining Romania
No learning dissabilities Greece
Personal learning path Italy
Perspectives of Multicultural Integration in Vila Viçosa’s School Cluster Portugal
Pregnacy? Greece
Proximity Portugal
Return dropout Spain
RO: “Lupta cu ispitele vieții” Romania
RO: “Paşi pentru a o ajuta pe Mihaela” Romania
RO: “Să nu uiţi niciodată să străluceşti” Romania
RO: “Să spargem tăcerea” Romania
RO: “Sindromul ADHD” Romania
RO: ”Recurg la violență ca să-mi rezolv problemele” Romania
RO: „Educaţia – ca sursǎ de excluziune socialǎ a populaţiei de rromi” Romania
RO: "Dezechilibru" Romania
RO: "Poate migraţia rezolva o parte din problemele lumii contemporane?" Romania
RO: "Start greșit, final măreț" Romania
Rwanda Project (a performative arts project for teachers) Portugal
School dropout Portugal
School theater workshop Italy
Second Chance Portugal
Separate to improve Spain
Sexual assaults at primary school Belgium
Steps to support Mihaela Romania
Struggle with the temptations of life Romania
Student from a fragmented family Belgium
Student placed in a centre for juvenile delinquent (IPPJ) Belgium
Student victim of bullying because of his physical appearance Belgium
Success of Self-Reliance Turkey
Sum of situations that lead to dropout Spain
Support space for students in difficulty Belgium
Teasing and insulting drawing against a studious student Belgium
The boy who liked to study Spain
The case story of two Ukrainian students in Portugal Portugal
The class can help Greece
The Consequence of School Bullying Turkey
The difficult management of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Italy
The Effect of Immigration on Educational Success Turkey
The past influences the future Greece
The power of the union Spain
The sad Story of Angela Italy
The story of Matteo V. Italy
There is always a happy end Greece
Too young to bull, too young to be bulled Greece
TR: Bir Azim Hikayesi Turkey
TR: Elimden Tut Turkey
TR: Herkes Eşittir Turkey
TR: İstersen başarabilirsin Turkey
TR: Mekan Değişimin Eğitim Başarısı Üzerindeki Etkisi Turkey
TR: Özgüven başarısı Turkey
TR: Sorumsuz Aileler Turkey
TR: Zorbalığın sonu Turkey
Volver a abandonar la escuela Spain
Waiting out the storm Spain
When the union is not enough Spain
Wrong start, great ending Romania
You Can Achieve If You Want! Turkey

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.