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What If We Don’t Realize
Primary school
Identification of students’ at risk
S.joined our school at 8th grade.She doesn’t talk,tell,raise her hands.She follows and looks at me during lessons and doesn’t miss the least detail.Her behaviour surprises me a lot ; because teachers usually strive for catching attention our students.It is very interesting to have such kind of student.By means of this behaviour.S catches my attention.S writes very well and answers my questions quickly.Of course by writing.S. takes quick notes and applies it to other questions .During one of my lessons,I
Ask S. Her maths note in the previous school.She says it is four.But according to me she deserves to get five.I can’t ask the reason, because she says her note so quietly that I prefer waiting to learn the story.Then she starts to get away from school.At first, I ignore this fact ;but as time passes she increases frequency of her behaviour and start to take it seriously.I ask about S.But nobody is sure about her;because she hides herself.Especially verbal lesson teachers waits for the written exams.Nobody complains about S. She is a good student; but they aren’t sure about her success.She needs to be followed for her success.During this process, she starts to be late fort he fırst lessons.This situation draws the classroom teacher.Fırst of all, I try to talk to her about her .I mention about the results of her behaviour.The only thing she does is to confirm by head .The result is a disoppointment for me,She continues what she does.We consult this to the student advisor.We, as three teachers decide to focus on this event.We manage to contact with her family.We talk her situation with her father.We learn that her parents get divorced.In addition,she comes from a long distance to school and she can’t miss the only bus.If she wants to come to school on time.We reach a consensus about coming to school on time and send the father .In fact , we think so.As she continue her behaviour.At last, we send Adey absenteeism letter to her house .By the way , we start to do our first written exams and I know why her maths note is four.She gets three from my exam.This is a miracle , because I She doesn’t come to my eight lessons.In the other lessons,She doesn’t get lower marks than three.She gets lower marks because of her absenteeisms. I think how to bring her to school regularly.She says one of her teachers she can be successful by studying at home.This is a good advantage for us ; but formal education shouldn’t be prevented.She makes me surprised ; beacuse she does well at the tests .Inspite of this, she continues absenteeism .In the context of Adey, we continue doing what it should be.After these contacts , she turns back to school.After this, she starts to be more successful.While thinking about the students who joins to the quiz show in the province ,S.comes to my mind.But the other teachers have some hesitations about that .As she is very shy student and can’t talk in front of crowded .Or this situation may disturb S. We should show her we confide in her . For us, this can be a big risk;but for S. this can turn into a great advantage.What I’m curious about maost is the response of S. to our offer.As she may have concerns about the quiz show.Or such an atmosphere may disturb her.Such kind of deniance may be a sign of some physchological problem;but S. accepts our offer in the beginning of second term, S. represents our school in the quiz show ve with 200 points we get successful at quarter final.She goes to dinner with other successful students .Her success is appreciated.This an unforgettable experience for a student.By means of this ,a risk turns into an advantage for us.Now,the school knows everything about her success and absenteeism.She is highly successful now.If we ignore her situation,she won’t be at the place where she is now.
The system Adey makes it possible to follow and prevent absenteeisms of students.As it is deterrent and takes the matter seriously,the parents pay attention to the absenteeisms of their children.Sometimes they can’t follow their children because of their Works they have to do.When they realize the situation,it can be too late to do something.Adey remembers the situation of their children to parents and prevents children from bad friends.The most important reason of this success story is our confidence in our students and hope of changing the situation.As educators should contribute to the improvement of students and get them closer to school.In addition,evaluation done at different times give clues about the potentials of individuals.If we think S. as shy and introvert student,we can make a mistake and can’t realize the ability in her.By means of homework control,exam results,contacting with teachers we realize the situation of S. and direct her correctly.We creat a very good example to show the others.On the other hand,coopeartion with the family makes our job easier.Relying on my previous experiences,I can say that contacting with family is a good advantage for us.Parents are indispensable team friend.Their confidence in what we are doing prevents many negative events.Some parents are really motivated to do this,but some may need some help fort his.For this reason,consellors should focus on this.Especially for students whose parents divorced and so under risk,counsellors at school have a big importance.As these parents feel themselves alone about growing up children they can get stressed.The feeling of insufficiency can lead to ignorance of parents.In addition,their children have a more fragile psychology than the others.This story shows us the need for orientation of new-comers.In our schools,unfortunately there isn’t adequate orientation regulations.This can only be possible with the cooperation of principals,family and teachers.By means of this,we can prevent the loss of time and personal resources.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.