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Give One More Chance to You
High Secondary School
Integration of immigrants students
Main character of story is the third child of a big family. Z. was born in November, 1989. Her family is from Kars but she was born in Holland. After her parent's marriage, they had economic problems. So, her father had to immigrate in order to find a job. In 1978, after two years, her mother and siblings went to Holland, too. Till the fifth grade, Z. was student in Holland. Because of some special problems, her father was deported and she and her family had to come back Turkey. They started to live in Kocaeli. In Holland, Z. was a really successful student that her teachers always appreciated her and she had great marks. After coming back, Z. couldn't get used to live in Gölcük. They live in a street where people have low economic background and their life style is quite different from their old life style and they are in bad situation because her father is unemployed. These effect both her school and social life. Her marks are getting worse day by day. She is student at Karşıyaka Tüpraş high school. She doesn't often go to school. So, she couldn't pass the next class. She hasn't a social life except the school. She just reads books which brought from Holland. This makes her father upset. Her mother and father advised Z. But nothing changes. Then her father begins to hurt her but nothing changes again. She doesn’t go to school one year and Z. 's psychology thoroughly broken. Family worry about their daughter’s mental health as well as afraid of being bad role model for the others. Father wants to support the school guidance teacher. She starts to talk the teacher but previously doesn’t want to communicate with. However an experienced teacher believes that a solution must. Firstly guidance teacher gathers information about the reasons of the situation from her family and teachers. She has exactly compliance problems. Both cultural and economic environment has changed. There is a different accent came from abroad. This is the subject of ridicule at school. So, she away from the school for a week. Also she doesn’t like the school for lack of social activity. Guidance teacher collaborates the Turkish teacher and she organizes a theatre where Z. is in. She plays the role of foreign. It makes her like school and she starts to attend school regularly. She is appreciated by her teachers thanks to her role at the theatre. Day by day, she becomes more and more successful student. In 2007, she graduated from the high school and she is the successful student at the Middle East Technology University, Engineering Faculty.
The case is successful in a way that the character of the story has a strong passion for living, although he has lost all his hope. Here, the most important role belongs to the counselor. The counselor thinks that problems can always be solved and he succeeded to find a solution for student’s problem. The student’s family also acted in the right way by consulting to the counselor for a professional help. They are open to communication. Her parents tried to explain the situation to the counselor before Z. talks to him and tried to be in interaction with the counselor in the problem solving stage. At the same time, other teachers and classmates tried to help Z. to make her comfortable at school and regain her self-confidence. The counselor had the role of being the bridge between the school and the student; he succeeded in organizing all people and developing cooperation. He was able to communicate with Z. without pressure and they were in interaction with her family. This case happened recently in a period of high schooling rate and relatively high education level. Every student is accepted as an individual in the counseling service. For the aim of increasing academic success, psychological support is given to the student in the first place. Instead of giving solutions to the student, the counselor provides the tools for making student to find her own solution. Cooperation is the keyword of this case. Everybody puts an effort for a common purpose and this can be applied to other cases in life. In addition, this is a nice example of patience and advises us that there is always a way out even if it seems like unsolvable.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.