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Different Occupations
High Secondary School
School bullying
I am a caretaker in a high school which is in the city center.In this school socio-economic status of the students are quite good. Also it is a successful school. When my daughter graduted from secondary school, I talked to headmaster and registered my daughter at this school. The headmaster accepted her registration by founding scholarship as she was a successful student.
It wasn’t so long for H. to orientate school and be successful. At the end of the lessons, she was coming to near me and helping me. After we finished our work, we were goint our home happily.
After a while, she began to retreated from me and she didn’t come to near me. From now on she didn’t help me and study her lessons. I was worried about her whether she lose her scholarship and she is expeled from her school or not because of this situation. I couldn’t understand why she began to behave like this suddenly. I asked her questions abut this but I never had answer. So, I talked with her teachers. Then I and her classroom teacher talked with guidance counselor. I told her the whole things we lived. He said that he would talk with H. and help us. After the lesson, H. talked to guidance counselor. He told met hat H. was exposed to her friends’ bad saying because of my job and H. didn’t want to study in that school. He retreated from me all the time in case I became unhappy if I knew this. We made up our mind with guidance counselor and it was true for H. to see a psychologist. I arranged a meeting at home for H. with a psychologist who works in Guidance and Research Center. Psychologist came our home twice a week and helped her about this case and her lessons. H. was thinking that my job was bad and wanted me to become as her friends’ families. As it wasn’t possible, she retreated from me and her friends all the time. She didn’t like anybody and didn’t want to g oto the school.
Although H. behaved like this, I treated her with patient. I knew she would understand me and my job.

Psychologist told H. that there were too many different jobs and people had to work in one of these jobs to survive. H.’s prejudice against me and my job began to become less. Because psychologist and classroom teacher thought that this wasn’t enough to persuade to H., they arranged different activities in the classroom. When H. was in the class, they arranged an activity which showed that socio-economic differences between people don’t prevent being friend. Students in the classroom gathered information about different jobs and exchanged their ideas. H. also shared her ideas and she was very happy in this atmosphere.
These activities and psychologist’s suppurt began to be useful. H. didn’t feel embarrased about me anymore. Also she was helping me with her friends about some works. H. started to like school and her friends. She wasn’t ashamed of me and my job anymore and it was the most important thing.
The reasons of the story’s success
- Parent’s awareness of student’s problem
- Right analysis about student case
- Appropriate treatment to student
- Teacher and parent’s love for student
- Cooperation between guidance counselor,parent and psychologist
- Guiding her with a group

There is another factor about success of this story. Approrpiate atmosphere was set at student’s house. Aldo our protagonist liked psychologist. Psychologist tried to solve the problems between the student and her friends.
If the parent didn’t give attention to these problems, everything could be different and they failed. Communication between parent and guidance counselor is one of the factors for being successful about this case.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.