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Dialogue is the way to success
Lower Secondary School
Students with learning difficulties

The protagonist of the story is a student who belongs to a family of low socioeconomic status .
The student lives in a poor neighborhood , especially the Litany , located in the South Industrial Park , in Seville . In this area live poor, people who sell drugs ... is a slum .

In this family coexist : the father, mother , sister (more than the protagonist) and the student.

The student attends 1st grade of Compulsory Secondary Education (2012-2013) . He attends school regularly . The student's behavior was defiant . The student becomes more difficult the task of teachers in the classroom. The elementary school student received academic failure . The traffic program includes information of primary schools to secondary schools

Importantly family support to the school , and positive attitude towards training students in order to get a better future, and their success in improving their behavior and attitude at school.
For a student to get the best academic results , social and emotional , it is very important that both parents and the school community are part of the educational process , and in this case meets .
The Education Center is preferred . In school teachers work 32 . Of the 32 teachers working in school only two are fixed. Many teachers are working there because they have expressly requested that school. To work in this school is due to an earlier project to develop. An important detail is that there are a variety of reasons for requesting the school , as it is easier to find work in a center of this type than others.
Trigger Change: The student does not want to repeat a year , want to take your age and improve your attitude .

Development :
The student, after talks with parents and teachers , considered that the negative attitude is not good for him. The student, so we decided to change and focus on his studies , obtaining good results.
Part of the success is also due to the professionalism of teachers in the school , not only adapt to different situations that occur in high school . Teachers make the most of available resources to respond to these particular cases .
The student, wanted to stand out from their peers and teachers . The attitude of students is a challenge , so constantly disobeyed . He was a troubled guy who wanted attention.
Now the student is motivated and satisfied with their daily work. He put his next goal in obtaining compulsory secondary education degree .
Critical analysis:
Evidence of the success of the case is that the student continues with positive attitude in the school and is actively involved in learning.
The actions carried out by all those involved are relevant.
The family is completely in accordance with the above educational measures. Family shows its full cooperation with the school, and any work from home with the student.

The Center is of vital importance. The Institute makes all the necessary changes for the student begins to have a sense of progress. The Institute, is seeking to encourage participation in academic tasks which arise. In the school, they treat each student as unique. High school wants students to feel comfortable and motivated.
The Professor patiently looked for ways to coordinate with the family to find a solution to the case.
The key to understanding the actions undertaken to identify cases of truancy is, at the national level, in the law on education (LOE, 2066). Stable schools must ensure the holistic development of its students. To make these adjustments to the curriculum as needed. It also identifies Regional Government schools located in socio-cultural areas of high risk. These Center offer more attention, more specific and better resources.
Student, believes the success or impact that has new behavior and the positive consequences that entail. The student with his new attitude, feels personally satisfied, reinforced by the school at all times.

The performance that can be transferred to other contexts are:

Unconditional cooperation with educational family.
The plasticity of the school.
The direct involvement of teachers, guidance and management team.
High expectations for the student.
The family respects and supports the school.
The family respects the decisions of teachers.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.