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Ekaterini Douma
Secondary School
Identification of students’ at risk
The situation that I was faced was a difficullt one. Katerina moved into our school when her parents came into town. Katerina was a happy child, full of energy and really wanted to enjoy herself. In the middle of the semester, Katerina stopped doing anything in school. She stopped participating in the gymnastics and in the volleyball team. Although she was not the most popular kid in school, I used to talk with her in different occasions.
In one of these discussions, she told me that she was pregnant. Although I was shocked, I discussed the problem with her spending hours after the class. My concern did not have to do with the pregnancy, but the possibility of her drop out from school. Sometime she disappeared. From her friends, I found out that for 4 months she ran giving her family and friends no information about her whereabouts. It was obvious that she simply lacked the skills to face her problems.

After 4 months she came back. She told me that she was always thinking of our discussions and the way I presented the importance of having a proper education, even being a young mother. She felt important in the classroom and she came back. She managed to finish school, have the baby and keep on following her educational plans. She is now a university student.

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Date: 2014.08.20

Posted by Erdi Erdoğan (Turkey)

Message: Unfortunatelly, being pregnat in young ages can cause many problems for mother candidates. It can be ordered as some physical and health problems or emotional prblems. Educational problems are also one of them. Many pupils must to drop out school because they are pregnant. In this case, a studnt became pregnant in a very young ae, and she had to leave school. In this story, teacher’s discussions with children seen me as very important thing. Teacher did not judge the pupil or anger . She listened only. Thanks to this dialogue and may be guidance of teacher, a beter futuyre can be provided to this pupil.
As a result of this, she became a universty studnt which isvery important for her and her baby’s later lives.

Date: 2014.08.20

Posted by Nazmiye Başer (Turkey)

Message: Pregrancy is big problem both students and their parents.Pregrancy damaged to student’s educational life. If student is too young, this is a reason of depression for young student. But students should overcome problems. Students, families, educators, pedagogues don’t give up for overcome this problem. Every students is valuable for educators. Educators should make an effort for integrate problematic student to school environment. Pregrancy can be big problem, but we should do best for student’s education continue. Family should support to child for overcoming problems.

Date: 2014.05.30

Posted by FOLTEA NICOLETA, "Alexandru cel Bun" High School, Botosani, [email protected] (Romania)

Message: Unfortunately, the situations above described are more and more frequent. Their causes are various, from the lack of sexual education to the need for group integration or the wish to prove maturity in front of the adults. No matter the reasons, children with children overlook a series of risks such as: the possibility that parents might not want to get involved in raising and educating the new-born, the impossibility for children to continue their education, implicitly providing for their children as they cannot have a job, the difficulty of facing prejudice a.s.o. When the events take place, school could play a decisive part in supporting the young mother. Many a times form teachers and teachers who had a close relationship with the mother can persuade both grandparents and mother to accept to take part in counselling and supporting programmes, so as the young child raise within the family and the young mothers continue their studies. Depending on the age and family support, school education can be followed according to a programme devised together with the school psychologist, in which the young mother follows day, evening or extramural classes, so as the young child's needs could be met by the mother.

Date: 2014.05.21

Posted by Christine CLOES (Belgium)

Message: This is a typical situation that can occur in all secondary schools and all countries. In Belgium for example there are specialised institutions that can intervene to support pregnant pupils and their families (psycho-medico-social centres, school mediation services, youth help services, family planning centres…). The main difficulty is that pregnant pupils often hide the truth because they feel ashamed or fear their parents’ and relatives’ reactions. Confidence is the key to break the silence, in these situations as well as in school bullying cases. The person of confidence could be a teacher, the headmaster, a counsellor (social assistant, psychologist)… Discussions and advices will germinate in the pupil’s mind and restore self-confidence. From this moment everything is possible as we can read in this story.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.