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Zehra Korkmaz
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Identification of students’ at risk
Kader is the most elder one in 3 children in Dedeler village in Akyazı. Because of her mother’s psychological disorders, she didn’t have so much interest in them. Kader used to take care of the children. And this situation affects her education life to great extent. Her father moved away to another city because he did not have opportunities to work, and he used to try saving money with money he earned from chores.
Kader is a 5th grade student. The concentration problem she experienced in the class also affected her classmates. While they had the class, that she wandered the class distracted her classmates’ attention. Furthermore, that her father cannot support her family financially drives Kader to steal. She was seen stealing money from her classmates’ bags by both her classmates and her teachers. The finance of her parents is terribly bad. That her mother did not take care of her can be understood from her neglected and careless clothes.
Kader didn’t do her assignments at home and she always made up excuses. Her reading speed is rather better than her classmates’, though. When her teacher figured out her speed was advanced, he used to give her pages in small parts and he used to want to make contributions in improving her speed.
Kader’s disorder in behaviours was discovered in the very beginning of the school. Her parents were invited to school. She expressed that her parents would not be able to come because her father works in out of city centre and her mother did not have anyone to commend her little sister.
Kader started to show the behaviours of ditching during the breaks. In order to prevent it, the school guidance counsellor made countless meetings with Kader. But, no change in the student’s behaviours have been observed.
Unless no meetings are arranged with Kader’s parents, this student will be included in risky students group and her decarceration becomes much harder.

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Date: 2014.05.30

Posted by Rocio Genebat Salcedo (Spain)

Message: This story tells of a very complicated case. This student has many positive skills, but the overload of responsibilities at home will not allow you to be a normal child. I think the key to the story is that the student and family are in need , so the student makes criminal acts. It is very important early case detection and subsequent intervention.
Considering this case , first meet the teaching staff of the school, second place would try to approach the family to learn more about the situation of the student, and finally , if it has no positive results I would contact services social to lend support to this family, and in particular to minors.
Given the characteristics of this story, in Spain there are different programs of Social Services that could serve to improve the situation of the learner . These are:

Service partner families
This service allows the stay of a child or adolescent consensual manner and for an agreed period of time in a foster family when his family or person having the custody , charge can not be done adequately by one or more temporary situations : temporary absence , hospitalization, temporary illness , difficulties in reconciling work and family life , internal overload or changes in the family life cycle stage of review involving young family members and other similar circumstances and do not have a suitable for this function family functional natural support .
Families holding a foster care receive guidance , monitoring and support throughout the time the child or adolescent is with them.

With this program , students may continue to have contact with their biological family, but would have a better situation , and other family economic situation would improve

Date: 2014.05.28

Posted by Nikolaos Rigas (Greece)

Message: The child is in big trouble.
The teacher should set up a support group, shared, as far as possible,
equally in perpetrators, overt supporters of the abuser, and ordinary observers
Supporters of the victim.
The meetings are good to become a friendly atmosphere, offering even
some small dishes.
Through these meetings will enable the child to meet and cope with all the difficulties of life.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.