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Everybody is Equal
Secondary School
Integration of immigrants students
Zeynep is a daughter of a family the parents of which has just divorced. All Zeynep’s life, there are always quarrels in her family. Her father is a man who is alcoholic and doesn’t have any work, and he doesn’t care his wife and children. Her mother is a woman who is fed up with living, but loves her child so much as a mother. Zeynep’s academic career, who has grown up in such a family, is not good. Her parents gets divorced because of irreconcilable difference. With the suggestions of their relatives, Zeynep and her mother goes to Gazientep, where her grandmother’s distant relatives live. They settle in an old house.
Zeynep, who has just moved, enrolled in a new school. But she doesn’t interact with anyone at school. He interacts with neither her teachers nor classmates. The problems which she has makes her an unhappy introverted person.
The problems have not stopped. Her friends ostracize Zeynep. They even don’t play games with her. She starts not to go to school. There is person who isn’t indifferent to this situation. It is her Turkish teacher Gökçe.
Gökçe decides to have a parents’ meeting at Zeynep’s class. Zeynep’s mother doesn’t attend it. Other parents express that such kind of a student shouldn’t be at the class. In short, they also beat her.
The next day, the teacher has a visit in Zeynep’s house. Zeynep’s mother and Zeynep become surprised. The teacher has come to their old and ratty house! Until now, no teacher has paid a visit to their house. The teacher who talks to the mother tells that she will have another meeting and the mother should attend especially this meeting. On the meeting day, her mother attends the meeting.
The teacher pays more attention to Zeynep’s mother at the meeting. She makes a long speech. She mentions that Zeynep is clever and she is unsuccessful because of the problems she goes through. She warns the parents about their children’s behaviours.
She tells them that their children shouldn’t exclude Zeynep. The next day, other students treats Zeynep very well. They include her in their games. The teachers encourage Zeynep. In a very short time, Zeynep orientates herself with the class. She takes the decision of attending the classes. She starts to be successful at her classes. So, she passes 6th grade. When they start 7th grade, Zeynep decides to study very much and save herself and her mother. She will be a very successful person. Now, she is the most successful student in the classroom. No matter how poor she is, it is not a barrier for her to go on her education. With the support of her teacher, she finishes secondary school. She wins Science High School with scholarship by getting a very high score in SBS examination.
Zeynep’s classes, who is at 10th grade, are very good. Her target Is 9 September University Medical Faculty. And her biggest supporter is Gökçe Teacher again.

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Date: 2014.05.30

Posted by Antonio Castell Alcalá (Spain)

Message: Those who work in education know the impact it can have the separation or divorce of parents in their children. There are many emotional factors that are altered in the child by the divorce of their parents, such as a decline in academic performance , a poor self-concept, difficulties in social relationships , emotional difficulties such as depression , fear, or anxiety or
behavioral problems.
Furthermore Zeynep found no peer support . This aggravates the situation of the student, it has no support and everything becomes a problem.
In these situations it is important that the education community is attentive to everything in order to be able to intervene early and fix the problem , as sucesido this time .
With regard to family problems , it is important to try to keep the school from direct contact with parents to inform them of the changes that have been observed in the student. If these meetings are not effective, they must pass more stringent protocols , or refer the case to social services, to study the familiar reality in depth , and conduct appropriate changes to improve the lives of Zeynep .

Date: 2014.05.28

Posted by Marianthi Zaxaratou (Greece)

Message: It sometimes a kid has to be removed from their parents in order to be able to join the community.
The "problematic" parents (alcoholics, drug addict etc) do not understand how much influence the psychology of the child and its evolution.
Also, the teacher should identify such kid's attitudes and make great efforts (parents' meetings, discussions with the child) that the child will be able to cope with the schoolwork and his relationships with his classmates.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.