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Lawrence casserole pot
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Isabelle Carrier
Name of Producer
Editorial Juventud
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Students with learning difficulties
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“El Cazo de Lorenzo” is a very special story that the reader will raise awareness about disability . The protagonist is a boy who has to get used to wearing a saucepan drag from that, one day , he dropped out of nowhere. Consequently , facing new personal and social challenges , as people are anxious to see a child with a saucepan .

It's a nice story that reflects the importance to understand and empathize with those who are struggling , who are not like others and discover the adaptations that exist around us and reflect on how we'd like society treat us if we were in situations like.

The objectives of this story are:
• Raise public awareness about disability child .
• Raise awareness of the differences that we all have and the importance of reducing the impact they have on society.
• Recognize the adaptations that surround us and understand the purpose of these.

Schematically the structure of the story is :

Situation: Lorenzo explains the situation , its main characteristics and presents the most difficulty, his bucket. This part lasts until minute 1:15.
Problem: explains the difficulties encountered by the protagonist because the bucket. This part lasts until 1:48 minute .
Solution: The protagonist meets a wonderful person who helps you believe in him and his abilities. This last part lasts until the end of the video.

And transversely, to throughout the text are introduced a series of recommendations to optimize the cooperation among peers, highlighting the importance of assessing the qualities of others.
The video of El Cazo de Lorenzo is an excellent tool for working with children and higher empathy and solidarity to help understanding people who are different and face many challenges for it. For this, use simple words and a tender and funny illustrations every day a different child . It's a short story but with clear ideas and very strong . A guarantee of quality is that it is recommended by FEAPS ( Spanish Confederation of Organizations for Persons with Mental Retardation ) and is recommended for children from 6 years .

The metaphor of the bucket Lawrence has a huge educational power . It has been claimed that his expressions help to understand the pain and individual differences . Eg

- The bucket is related immense pain cases of children abused : " The bucket fell over one day . Do not really know why. " Phrase that identifies the saucepan with the pain because it is never removed from everything I must express , retrain and become something because otherwise destroy , cause isolation , misunderstanding and the result will be social maladjustment .

- Also with those who tend to help those in need. With the phrase "But fortunately , there are wonderful people ," the story intended to arouse the interest of helping these children so they can transform their pain expressing by activity , word, play , relationship ...

Regarding other context transfer is acceptable. Although this written and published in Spanish , the fact that they are short sentences and is supported by images makes it possible to use even with non- Spanish speakers. It is also easy to find on the web and has a complementary resource is published in paper book .

As for the positives , include the following :
• The material is simple, but powerful for children.
• Use a simple format , adapted to children but with the potential to address many issues surrounding social exclusion of children with disabilities.
• Your thought-provoking content .
• It is useful to develop peer support behaviors .

In terms of areas for improvement , it would be advisable to incorporate a tutorial to be easy to use for more people and to try to ensure the impact on children. Also translate into other languages would be costly and would expand its transfer potential.

For all these reasons , this material is very useful for School Project Safety Net project as it aims to minimize the cases of social exclusion caused by learning difficulties or special characteristics of some people. This exclusion is a risk factor for dropping out.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.