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Title of Product
Bullying Prevention Resource Guide
Name of Author(s)
The Partnership for Families & Children
Name of Producer
The Colorado Trust
Date of Production
has not
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Language of the product
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Online course, Book
Thematic Area
School bullying
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Description of Contents
This guide is designed to help school communities , taking advantage of what has been researched for the past 3 years by schools, districts and nonprofit organizations involved in the Colorado Trust, an initiative of Bullying Prevention ( BPI ) .
This guide is divided into three sections: Good practices, key questions and case studies .
Under Best Practices is a set of relevant information to know : What works , what does not and why? , Nature , prevalence and dynamics of bullying , selected program models , trends in state policies, the findings research .
The Key Questions section on key information easy : create a team exploratory assess school climate, share information and encourage feedback from the agents of the educational community , to take stock of the needs , priorities and options in a given situation and the findings of the impact assessment of the proposed work offered .

In the case studies are specified program objectives are:
1. Creating and maintaining a healthy social climate in schools and communities
2 . Build collective commitment to address the problem of bullying in partnership
3. Implement prevention strategies/ interventions that take into account not only the vast majority of children who suffer bullying or are bullied, but who witness bullying on a regular basis.
4. The participation of young people as active partners and supporters in bullying prevention efforts
5. The development of cultural competencies, strategies, skills and programs that are inclusive and improving communication and building relationships.
It also summarizes the achievements which have been learned after the experience and that can be summarized as follows: need for sustained change, partnerships and alliances, effective interventions, promote positive youth development and cultural competence development.
The website has a clear structure, although perhaps too simplistic with only three options of choice on the first level and more options in the second and final level. However, users in mind, parents, maybe this is a positive aspect , since parents are usually less users of sites that their children or teachers of these .
The information and contents offered are varied and offers tools that have proved useful for the beneficiaries of Bullying Prevention Initiative in diverse areas such as needs assessment, capacity development, program design and development. All with the purpose of creating and maintaining a healthy social climate in schools and other settings featuring young. Specifically, hope to build a collective commitment among educators, parents, service providers and other stakeholders to address the problem of bullying in cooperation. Even invites participation of youth as active partners and supporters in bullying. Items that have been very important for the effectiveness of intervention actions against bullying. It also offers the keys to the implementation of prevention strategies and / or interventions that have proven effective with tangible and lasting positive outcomes for individuals, families, schools and communities. For it, it focuses on the development of cultural competence, strategies, skills and programs that are inclusive and improve communication and relationship building.
Their transfer to other contexts potential is high. The product is written in English and also involves many external agents involved with the website, and is also easy to find on the net.

In summary, the positive aspects of the material are :
- The variety of its contents being able to find general information and decontextualized as is the description of effective programs to develop specific guidelines for each of the phases of an intervention program and analysis of actual cases as examples.
- Is linked to a statewide initiative that can be a guarantee to keep you on the web.
- Is created in cooperation with a parents association which facilitates its dissemination among this group.
- It is also useful to develop the resources provided by other agents: teachers, students, etc.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.