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Tales of the World 2. The people build peace
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Araceli Míguez Salas, Concepción Jimenez Cantizano, José Ignacio Vega García, Juan Antonio Vega García, Pili Martín y Rosa María Ruíz
Name of Producer
Junta de Andalucia and the Movement for Peace, Disarmament
and Freedom in Andalusia MPDL-A
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Online Publication
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Integration of immigrants students
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Description of Contents
This material has been edited with the collaboration of different institutions : Three Cultures Foundation , The Movement for Peace ( MPDL ) , the Directorate General of Migration Policy Coordination of the Ministry of Interior and the Department of Citizenship and Solidarity in Education the Ministry of Education of the Government of Andalusia. With it intend to promote that between teachers and students is to promote awareness of the diversdiad of cultures living in Andalucia , thereby promoting interest in learning about other worlds and promoting multicultural coexistence .
Specifically , the material is a compendium of twenty typical fairy tales from different cultures . These are:
- CHINESE stories: The old advice , Fear and Sheep Tiger .
- Eastern stories : The four monks ( Tibetan) , The aged ( Buddhist ) , The Lord of the Apes ( Hindi) , Aladdin and the Wizard ( Lebanese ) .
- PERU stories : The Amazon River Dolphin , The Ayay Mama ( Amazon legend ) , The chullachaqui
- LEGENDS OF GUATEMALA : The Tatuana , La Llorona, The Sombrerón , The Siguanada , The Cadejo
- SUFI stories : The turban , Finger King
- MOROCCO stories: Yoha or metal ass ... The end of a dream . Chronicle of Mohamed Ben - alkai
- Stories WITHOUT ORIGIN DEFINED: THE King who wanted to marry his daughter
- CURRENT stories : The Little Witch Flower, O Homem Nu or Naked Man
After each stories, will offer activities and games that allow a deeper understanding of self and culture typical tasks that is being addressed . It is also presented drawings of each of the cultures .
Additionally , there are also suggestions for further reading and activities, including the importance of multiculturalism in the classroom and the development of social skills among all students : the majority culture and minority culture .
" Tales of the World 2; build peoples Peace " is a work prepared, personalized tool by a team of people involved in the field of training , education centered on values, which also contains stories, reflections, stories and various educational activities . It aims to help all actors influencing education, teachers, students , parents, to educate in peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding and non-discrimination under the new multicultural setting .
The way around this very adeacuada and helps teachers to easily enter through the stories , knowledge of different cultures. This can be done because a boy or girl of any culture different from majority went to school in school or simply by strengthening between ALUMANDO the cooking of the diversity of cultures. This element is a shaft fundamanetal in preventing exclusion because you have to exclude the unknown and the known. To those who know usually love them, we often import one way or another . However, before the desconcidos not usually be as empathetic and more expensive to deploy them helping behaviors .
It is therefore very useful item for both the teacher must develop respect for diversity and for students who need to understand the diversity among people, but not the rights they have . The central idea is the understanding between different cultures and appreciation of this difference as wealth acquired for peaceful coexistence .

The material has a clear and orderly structure and allows it to be used as a whole or just one of the stories , in the interests pursued by the teacher . Very useful is also in addition to the stories, the material offers a series of recommendations for proper use, namely , to promote intercultural and social skills. That is, it is advised that in addition to reading the stories, to stimulate group discussion for the development of reflective thought , making students aware that we can always build our personality and in a special way at this stage of life is the childhood and adolescence. Therefore, teachers should insist on a positive view of relationships with the community through the contribution of each / a .

Therefore, the material is a useful tool for preventive intervention or direct the issue of social exclusion due to cultural differences . It has a high power transfer for web accessibility , but is only available in Spanish .

The positives are mainly :

• It is a complete material : address many of the cultures represented in the classroom Andalusian ..

• The content is broad : it consists of twenty stories more activities and recommendations for teachers to optimize their use in the classroom.

• Attractive : use appropriate images for recipients as well as the font size .

In terms of areas for improvement , we would recommend :
• Translate the material into other languages, so it can be read even by the children when they have not yet mastered the Castilian .

Therefore, their usefulness for School Safety Project is obvious as it aims to facilitate the integration of immigrant children in ordinary schools and among their peers trying to avoid exclusion . Any intervention aimed at the promotion and improvement of teaching practices in this line will , therefore, prevention of this problem.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.