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Tips for Parents: Immigrant Families
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Sarah Stanley, Melissa Flanagan y Connie Mills
Name of Producer
The Learning Comunitty
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Web Site
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Integration of immigrants students
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This material is a web site of The Learning Community, a foundation nonprofit established in 1993 to help schools and families work together for the welfare of children. The goal is clear, to provide information and resources for immigrant parents to their integration is good and positive. For this purpose, different addresses current issues are of concern to families and makes available for free tips, videos and lots of links to useful sites of interest by topic.
It is divided into sections: setting the country of destination , make friends , expand your family , observe and learn from their new countrymen , choose the best of the culture , learn the language of their new country and speak the native home , teach your children , relationship with their children , for help and more information. In each, will offer advice emphasizing the importance of parents and children adapt to the new culture, as this is crucial for a good fit so you can lead a normal life where you do not feel stigmatized. In addition, councils are differentiated according to age range: up to two years , two to five years , six to ten years and adolescents. All this is offered in three formats: tips, videos and links. There is a blog that allows interaction with the foundation, highlights current issues and selects the best resources and advice according to users.
The relevance of the material focuses primarily on which is intended to immigrant families, as it is the most complex group that can access from different public administrations. If these families are reported to form in the key social and cultural integration , along with the actions of the government schools and social affairs , helps to ensure their integration and , therefore, their happiness and their sons and daughters , key to their development and school integration . The main objective of the material is what most families migrating wish: to raise children so they can succeed in school and in life, they want their children to have the opportunity that they have not had . Hard task because immigrant families are multitude of difficulties.

The material has a structure, clear and above all very simple and easy to read. The paper begins with a section that includes a number of key messages that summarize the most important aspects to consider in relation to the problems treated , citing the most common problems which often face . In this way, the family can find the resources they need based on the personal situation in which you are.
The most significant positive aspects are:
• Its useful for proper performance of immigrant families and, therefore, for the prevention of social exclusion.
• The variety of content providing guidance for all types of debris and difficulties commonly faced this type of family.
• The adaptation of the family remains a function of the age of the children.
• The range of resources offered in format: videos, news, patterns of action , etc. .
• Its publication in English and Spanish.
In terms of areas for improvement , we would recommend:
• It is very focused on the integration of the families to the U.S., so it would be advisable for advice contextualize not just one country.
• The material is intended for families, but also like to see included practical materials and resources for the support of children so that parents could use with them.

In this portal you can find many interesting topics for School Project Safety Net, especially helps immigrant families to get their children's integration in the country of destination. The most common problems that are often faced immigrant families with children are lack of education, lack of capacity or limited ability to speak the language of the new country, a lack of familiarity with new habits, difficulty finding work or a job that pays enough for the family to live and problems accessing social programs and financial assistance, among others. All these aspects, this material helps to overcome. Which obviously contributes to the decreased risk of early abandonment of their sons and daughters?

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.