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Title of Product
Name of Author(s)
Mariló Benito Pérez y Azahara Leal del Pozo
Name of Producer
Junta de Andalucía
Date of Production
Language of the review
Language of the product
Type of product
Online course
Thematic Area
Integration of immigrants students
Target Group
Description of Contents
Diversimundo is an educational video game that will address diversity (social, cultural , ethnic, religious , sexual , etc.). Around us as a positive value . With this teaching tool approaches and children to the reality of the diverse society in which we live , in a fun and attractive to work in the classroom and in other areas of non-formal education . Diversimundo is designed for children aged 10-12 years and for use both at school and in the family . This is accompanied by an educational guide aimed at both primary teachers , like any other person who wants to accompany children on this adventure.
The main objective of this material is to provide key resources and awareness for diversity management in order to train for a positive coexistence , perceiving diversity in its broadest sense and as a source of mutual enrichment .
It consists of 5 different worlds and each focuses on a specific topic , working in turn , contained a series of transversely, all related to the management and respect for diversity. The first world is called " Get Involved in the world" whose contents are : interdependence , consumption, economic development , social development and stereotypes. The second " Factory People " addresses discriminatory attitudes , prejudice , empathy , active tolerance and inclusion. The third "Know Your Neighborhood " working on migration , acculturation and cultural diversity . The fourth " 's participate in the party" is dedicated to conflict resolution, social mediation and intercultural communication. And finally , the fifth " photo contest " includes the contents of diversity management , the value of diversity and coexistence.
Diversimundo is the result of collaboration between the public authorities and the third sector , through the Andalusian Federation Welcomes whose main objective is to promote the inclusion of people of foreign origin in the host society and the promotion of Interculturalism , understood as positive relationship communication between people with different cultural backgrounds who share a common geographic framework .

With this material contributes to the prevention and eradication of behaviors and racist or xenophobic attitudes . It promotes mutual understanding and awareness of cultural values ​​that help social integration of immigrants , as well as contributing to
better understanding of the reality of migration by the general public and professionals working with this group or that contribute to the gestation of opinions and attitudes.

Being a very attractive game for kids and girls who play while working on content and relevant values ​​for respect for diversity . Although it is recommended that you use first with adult supervision , it can be used independently by the child .

It also embraces diversity from all angles , as is migration processes , but also equality of rights and obligations , equality of treatment and opportunity , gender , respect and the right to difference , integration and two-way process , diversity and social enrichment and diversity management . Therefore, the child is assuming that diversity is an inherent part of life and not an issue to be addressed when it comes to class a partner from another country.

Relevant also is the potential to sensitize parents of students, because if they watch their children play may also find the potential difference thus contributing to reduce the risk of exclusion of immigrant children and , therefore, reduce their risk of dropping out.

Other strengths stand out from this material are that:
- It comes with a tutorial that describes the objectives of each game , its foundation , the script in the world, a brief questionnaire that helps you remember key ideas of the game and a glossary.
- It is adapted for children with hearing impairment incorporating sign language translation .
- In all games involving the same characters, thereby decreasing the potential stigmatization thereof.
- Has a satisfaction test that provides information to the creators for improvement.
Affairs to improve :
- When only published in Castilian , difficult to transfer to other countries.
- The design of the games can be obsolete soon due to the rapid development of ICT and therefore its motivating power .
Therefore, it is a material suitable for School Project Safety Net, as it contributes to respect for diversity , reducing the risk of exclusion of boys and girls immigrants and therefore dropouts.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.