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Title of Product
Bang Bang You’re Dead!
Image of the product
Name of Author(s)
William Mastrosimone
Name of Producer
Directed by Jerry Miller
Date of Production
Language of the review
Language of the product
Type of product
Thematic Area
School bullying
Target Group
Headmasters, Teachers, Students, Parents
Description of Contents
Bang Bang You're Dead is a 2002 is an American drama movie based on the play with the same name by William Mastrosimone. The film was initially broadcast on Showtime. Both movie and play have the same point, it´s a wake-up call about bullying on schools.
At the stereotypical Rivervale High School, Trevor Adams (Ben Foster) is an outcast trying to fit back in after a bomb threat he made the previous year (complete with a real bomb minus anything that could actually explode). He had threatened to blow up the football team at his school because he was pushed to the breaking point by frequent bullying. The movie is set months after, where students are creeped out by him, and think he may still have his previous motivation to blow up the school.

Trevor is chosen to star in a play called Bang Bang You're Dead as the main character, Josh. After parents hear of the play and its suspicious actor, they call for it to be canceled.

Trevor makes friends with the Trogs, a group of outcasts. Towards the end of the film the Trogs attempt a school massacre, using a shotgun and two handguns. Knowing of their plot and fearing for the safety of a fellow student (and love interest), Trevor stops them.

The film ends with Trevor performing the play, and it is indicated that the play was performed at the school despite parents' objections. There is no indication as to what happens to the Trogs.
The film is still excessive for Romanian students' violent behavior, being inspired by the reality of American schools. However, production can generate ideas for prevention of school violence and may be an attractive tutorial and educational hour in the same time.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.