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Cyber Bullying - Lets fight it Together
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School bullying
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Headmasters, Teachers, Students, Parents
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This video is mainly based on Cyber Bullying and reflects a story about a boy whose name is Joe who is bullyed as a result of the fact that he is clever. It mentions that this problem has some negative effects. Furthermore, it also talk about there should be cooperation to put an end to this problem.
The video has a significance from different angles. For example, it embodies the problems in Cyber Bullying, which is one of the most common problems, by illustrating a real story in which a boy named Joe is bullied just because of being smart. It is sarcastic because it warns the people about its results one of which is ruining somebody’s life. It is also useful in solving the problem in that it attracts the attention on the necessity of a collocation between the individuals.

20 December 2014

Final Partners’ meeting

The fourth partners’ meeting took place in Florence (IT) on 15 December 2014. The meeting had the objective to check the activities carried out since the third meeting of the project and share and assess the in progress results. A special focus has been dedicated to the presentation of the strategies to solve the case scenarios.